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True, all Doctors have lost so much, and all of them have had to make such terrible choices and do terrible things

But, out of all of them, I truly feel that Nine carried the heaviest of burdens

A burden that none of the other incarcerations can ever share because he and he alone lived in the skin of the one who destroyed his whole planet and wiped out his whole race

Ten said it himself, in Fires of Pompeii, that if he could go back and save them, then he would, but he couldn’t because the destruction of Gallifrey is a fixed point in time

It was Nine that made that so

And Ten admitted he would have undone what Nine did if he could

They may be the same Timelord but, at the same time, they are NOT

Nine’s choices were his and his alone. Everybody else that followed “simply” had to live with the consequences of what he did. They never had to make the choice and, worse, use their hands to execute the decision once it was made

That’s why no one can ever, EVER utter the words “I am the Oncoming Storm” with the same gravitas and MENACE as the Ninth Doctor did

They remember the horror, but they never lived through it, not the way HE did.

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